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Aziza Israilova

About me
I am a mother of two and I work as a media and public relations manager at the Cricket Federation of Uzbekistan. I have been living in Tashkent since my birth in 1991.

I love nature, the rain, the sun, trees and everything natural. I am passionate about all the developments that are environmentally friendly and help nature to live more.

Travelling, meeting new people and new cultures, trying new things have always been my favorite activities.

Why Tashkent
Over 30 years, Tashkent has changed dramatically. I have witnessed a lot of positive changes in the way my city, its people, and its status have changed.

My city is safe. This is very important for me.

My city is ready to accept all relevant innovations. It is open to investors. It is a great chance for new businesses to prosper.

People in my city regardless of their gender, age, religion, and social status live in harmony. They respect each other.

Where else can you find me online?

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