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Image by Aziza Israilova

Tashkent Airport – The place for peace

I never go to the airport without an obvious reason: to see somebody off, to meet somebody or to fly off myself, for example. So if you go there for a specific reason, then you probably won’t notice the beauty and peacefulness of the open area at the airport.

Once I went there to meet my husband who was flying back from Egypt. Their plane had to land in Qatar first (due to a passenger who was feeling quite bad) and therefore, the arrival was delayed. I was with my kids and we had a choice to wait in the airport or come back home and return back for the arrival time. We decided to wait 3 hours at the airport.

There were so many benches, so many flowers and fountains. The atmosphere was quite relaxing. My kids had a good time there: they ran around the gardens and fountains, they explored the flowers, they bought some drinks from the nearest booths and enjoyed the fresh air. Fortunately, I had taken my book with me. I engaged myself in reading while sitting on a bench in an open, quiet area.

I concluded that if you want some relaxation and peace from the city noise, then you need to go to the airport. Besides, watching people meeting each other, hugging each other is also a kind of rest (for me at least).

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Kumariq street 13, Tashkent

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24 hours daily
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