Kukoldosh Madrasah Tashkent

Image by Farkhodjon Israilov

Kukoldosh Madrasah – 16th century Islamic education

I love my city and I love visiting old mosques, madrasahs etc. Kukoldosh madrasah is one of the places that I love to visit in Tashkent. You can just feel the history there.

In the Middle Ages, Central Asia was a true cultural oasis. Reading, knowledge of the foundations of art and theology were the most important faculties of men at that time. The functions of educational centers in those years were performed by madrasahs – Muslim training centers and part-time theological seminaries, and now – the historical and cultural sights of Tashkent. Kukoldosh is the largest institution of its kind, and today it is also a significant architectural monument in the center of the Uzbek capital.

This “university” was founded in the 16th century by one of the people close to the Tashkent khans. This man was nicknamed “Kukoldosh”, which is translated from Uzbek as “milk brother of the khan.” Over the centuries it has existed, the madrasah was both a fortress and a hotel – moreover, it has survived two strong earthquakes. The building was repeatedly restored, but only modern restorers were able to restore its original appearance. Today the architecture and size of the madrasah fully comply with the canons of medieval architecture.

Kukoldosh madrasah is still working and trains Islamic scholars to this day.

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Details about this spot



Beruni Avenue , Tashkent

Opening Times

09:00 - 18:00 daily


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