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Umida from Tashkent

I am a human who values honesty, kindness and humanity. Tashkent is warm and clo...

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The selection of decorative cakes, bakery and coffee are the essential attributes of confectionary home Safia Café and Bakery, in short, Safia.  Apparently, business is doing well and there are already ten Safia branches throughout Tashkent. I am a frequent visitor of the Safia located in my beloved neighborhood – Chilonzor.

The lovely small bakery has only a few tables and chairs, yet it has a cozy and friendly interior. Customers mostly order takeaway, so there’s no need to wait for an empty spot.

I come here for several reasons. First, to read a book or work on my German along with a big cup of Americano. The coffee is average here, but still tastes good. Second, to get my portion of serotonin, namely their tiny beautiful cakes. Seeing rows of cute cakes on the counter you feel like you’re in an art gallery of sweets. My favorite culinary exhibits are the mini cakes, small fruit tarts and cottage cheese pie. These delights are extremely delicious!

If you are invited to a party or friend/family gathering, you should drop by Safia for treats. The seller packs pastries into a cute paper box – I really love this eco-friendly idea of packing.

As mentioned before, there are other Safia branches with a more extensive menu of pastry, cakes. Also, some of the bakeries are spacious and have more tables, respectively.

So far, delights plus black coffee makes my reading process this much sweeter!

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Umida from Tashkent

Umida Boltaeva photo

I am a human who values honesty, kindness and humanity. Tashkent is warm and clo...

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08:00 - 23:00 daily


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