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Dog Organization Georgia – Walk shelter dogs!

Within an hour of your arrival to Tbilisi, you will notice dogs, lots of dogs. Big ones, small ones, cute ones, shy ones. Georgia is home to a LOT of street dogs and in the city, many are tagged which means they have been vaccinated and sterilized. I love dogs, and if you are a dog lover like I am, you will probably want to know how you can help these dogs. There are from 40 to 50 thousand stray dogs in Tbilisi alone, and at least 70 percent should be sterilized to get their population under control.  If you want to meet some of the dogs and get to know great work of a local shelter, you can  easily go out to the gorgeous Lisi Lake area and visit one of the small shelters that is making a difference. Dog Organization Georgia, or D.O.G. for short is home to about thirty-five dogs at any given time. These dogs need walks, sponsors, fosters, and forever homes. I love spending a Saturday or Sunday morning walking dogs and meeting other locals who also love dogs. 

D.O.G. is run by Sara Anna Modzmanashvili-Kemecsei. She is a fantastic person who works to raise awareness with the international community and Georgians regarding dogs. I love her work, and hope that travelers to Tbilisi will take out some time to volunteer with the dogs, take out some food, and make a donation so they can expand their work. Dogs available for international adoption. Call or write beforehand. 

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