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Image by Mako Gochashvili

Hotel London – Something magnificent

Many years ago, I was having one of my favorite walks and talks with a friend of mine in Tbilisi. When we crossed the Dry Bridge and made our very first step on Atoneli Street, she asked me whether I wanted to see a very special place. I had no idea what she was going to show me. There was no museum, shop or monument. As soon as we entered number 31, I became speechless. It was a very beautiful and refined entrance hall. Even now, every time I pass by that place, if the door is open I always enter just to have a glance.  

Once, there was one of the best hotels in the city called ‘London’. Most of the famous foreigner guests used to stay there. During the war years, the hotel lost its main activity and nowadays it’s an apartment, but a very special apartment.

It’s very special because it has some pictorial works on the walls and very unique stairs. The glass ceiling has unusual ornaments and the light that comes down from it makes the entrance very mysterious. The marble tiles on the floor leave the feeling of olden times. The decorations of the iron handrail are unique and without comparison. This entrance is something magnificent, superb, splendid. Even the smell leaves the feeling of eternity. But its neglected state makes me always sorrowful.

So, if you are searching for rare corners of Tbilisi, visit this hall, but please close your eyes before entering it.

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Details about this spot



31 Atoneli Street, Tbilisi

Opening Times

24 hours daily


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