Linville Tbilisi

Image by Mako Gochashvili

Linville – Vintage-style café

I remember the first time I entered Café Linville. I was so excited with its atmosphere, because almost everything here comes from the past, and this particularity makes this place unique in the whole city.

What made me so excited? Just everything: from its crooked stairs to its vintage style interior, shabby but still amazing wallpapered walls, old and beautiful lamps, floral tablecloths, antique furniture, original decorations, unique windows and one of the amazing balconies of the city, nice smell of coffee and the sound of the piano!

There’s such a mixture of very charming elements that I can never refuse the idea of going to Linville for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

I always bring my traveler friends there and I always enjoy looking at their excited faces and hearing some exclamations of surprise. And it comes to my mind when I entered there for the first time some years ago.

The place is adorable and each time I go there it feels like being at home and enjoying my Georgian days with just nothing but the lovely atmosphere.

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Details about this spot



2 Gia Abesadze Street, Tbilisi

Telephone number


Opening Times

12:00 - 02:00 daily


Cup of coffee: GEL 5

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