Lovely Italian Yards Tbilisi

Image by Mako Gochashvili

Lovely Italian Yards – Old Tbilisi’s secret part

Tbilisi isn’t a huge city, but it does have different kinds of districts, and each part of the city is full of attractive spots. My favorite is Old Tbilisi, where you can always feel the real, authentic spirit of this city. Here you’ll see two or three-story typical antique Georgian houses. Sure, you can find many banal urban buildings too, but if you want to explore its real soul, just enter each gate you’ll meet on your way.  

I’m talking about ‘Italian Yards’ – living spaces that are used in common by several families. Sometimes they have to share the kitchen, bathroom, entrance or balconies… Sadly, some of those houses are semi-ruined, and it can tear your heart out. 

There are several ideas why we call them ‘Italian Yards’. Some people say it comes from the communist era, when families were forced to live together and share their everyday life with each other. Other people instead say that they look like the houses of South Italy, like Naples and its surroundings. Actually, it doesn’t matter where the name comes from. It’s just special and an extraordinary part of Tbilisi and getting lost in these wonderful yards is a must for visitors.

So, if you like hanging out and exploring some of the cool spots in the cities you are visiting, if you like photography and if you want to have some really cool shots, just take a walk in Old Tbilisi without any destination and you will definitely enjoy it.

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Dadiani Street, Tbilisi

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24 hours daily


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