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Mugsy’s Burger – Taste of home

Eating out culture is slowly becoming more and more popular, and not because we are too lazy to cook at home or we’re like Japan where it’s considerably cheaper to eat out than to buy all the ingredients and cook at home. No, it’s all about the experience.

It feels different, more mature to meet friends in a retro-style bistro or an aesthetic cafe and we don’t mind spending more, even if the food isn’t that good. Cause we only live once.

Occasionally, we don’t have enough time to cook (even if we love it) or maybe we don’t know how to, but we crave for home style, what-Mum-used-to-cook-like foodies.

When I’m feeling like that, I know where to go.

Mugsy’s Burger opened in my neighborhood years ago – I checked, I loved. And I’ve kept going there. It’s not your French haute-société restaurant with 4-course meals and personal sommelier explaining the menu du jour in detail.

Rather, Mygsy’s Burger is a burger house with a simple menu. It’s a place where everything is made with love (and with fresh ingredients!) – the burger has a smoked-like scent which makes it a real burger; the French fries are tasty (and edible!!!) even when cold, and the chicken nuggets are tender inside and crunchy outside.

Still not enough? My stomach is reminding me that I have to go!  Bye! (:running:)

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R. Eristavi 14, Tbilisi

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12:00 - 02:00 daily

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