Museum of Soviet Occupation Tbilisi

Image by Mariam Tatarashvili

Museum of Soviet Occupation – 70 years of solitude

Despite The National Museum of Georgia being an amazing place for every visitor, witnessing that shot wagon in the entrance of the Soviet Occupation hall makes your soul empty… It changes your entire mood and makes you feel as if a huge stone was added to your backpack.

Yes, Georgia was a part of it (unfortunately) and there still are older people in the country who may say that those times were good (even more unfortunately).

Some Georgians can still be proud of their mustached ‘compatriot’ who led the Empire for about 30 years.

Well, if I was trying to tell the story briefly, I would mention the hundreds of thousands of victims of the regime, the quite a few attempts to vanish the Georgian language, the violent actions against peaceful demonstrations with permanently horrible results for Georgians, creating 3 autonomous republics on the territory of Georgia (2 of which the country still can’t control), etc.

If it’s still hard to understand what life was during the Soviet times, just have a look at these photos to imagine how Georgians (and not only) with different views were treated.

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