National Museum of Georgia Tbilisi

Image by Eka Guruli

National Museum of Georgia – Title says it all

“Georgia is a very old country”.

You may have heard this phrase from many locals, and some may be sick of this combination of words, but how old is it actually?

Well, one might argue that ‘Georgia’ as a word originated at a certain time, but…

What about the people that lived in the same territory before?

What about the kingdoms of Kolkheti and Iberia – states that were formed centuries BC?

I guess there’s no need to continue with questions, as the truth of the phrase above is already proven, so let me tell you about a big grey building in the centre of Tbilisi.

It has dozens of different halls representing different periods of Georgian history, arts, traditional clothes, jewellery, biodiversity, treasure, etc.

You can have a look at just about anything in that place – from the skulls of the first humanoids of Europe (1.8 million years old) to the Soviet Occupation installations…

From Kvevri (clay-pot for wine) in which the oldest wine of the world (6000 BC) was found to the Caucasus biodiversity…

Long story short, I have been guiding people for years and have visited National Museum of Georgia many, many times and neither words nor tools other than your own eyes can make you realize the whole importance of it (and not only for Georgia).

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