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Retro – Khatchapuri

Obviously one can’t visit Georgia and not try one of the many versions of khatchapuri, Georgia’s most famous national dish. It’s a cheese (khatcha) filled bread (puri). Each region in Georgia has its own version, but the most famous is the calorie laden acharuli khatchapuri, which hails from Adjara. Retro is a casual restaurant that specializes in khatchapuri. Though it’s not in the city center, its worth the 5 GEL (about $2.20) taxi to indulge in Georgia’s most famous hangover cuisine. Most insiders consider this the best spot for khatchapuri.

I love it because they also serve lobiani, which is a bean pie. Which is perfect for days when I can’t manage all that cheese, butter and egg. The only downside is they have indoor smoking and I can’t manage more than one hour there. If I have been abroad for some time, Retro is always the first stop for me. It is so delicious!

A nice touch is the open kitchen. You can watch the cooks produce pies and bread boats at industrial speed through the large glass window. If their owner is there and you ask nicely, you may be able to go inside and make your own! 

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Details about this spot



Davit Gamrekeli St., 1, Tbilisi

Opening Times

10:00 - 22:00 daily


Adjaran from: GEL 10


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