Shavi Lomi Tbilisi

Image by Zaza Nikolozishvili

Shavi Lomi – Delicious food and unique craft beers

Tbilisi is full of restaurants. Their huge number makes it a bit difficult to choose the right one. Just to make your job simpler, I’d like to suggest one of the best restaurants of the city called “Shavi Lomi” (Black Lion).

It’s located in the old part of Tbilisi. Its interior is very cute because of a very nice mixture of traditional and modern. They have collected different kind of old tables, lamps and chairs to make the interior varied and charming. 

I have to write a bit about the dishes they serve. Looking through the menu and choosing what I wanted to eat was a hard task during my first dinner here. Actually, they don’t have a huge menu, but everything they offer is prepared with taste and care. That’s why everything is extremely delicious and unique.

As for the drinks, other than good wine, I should mention their beers, especially the first Georgian craft beer ‘Black Lion’. As they say, it’s not made in a mechanized way. It’s made in a traditional way and please be aware that you can’t find it just anywhere you want.

Usually, this restaurant is frequented by tourists, because for their very first question where to have a taste of good traditional dishes and where to relax in a cozy atmosphere, most of them receive the same answer: ‘Shavi Lomi’. And it’s really worth a visit if you have a huge desire to taste some really particular dishes and enjoy Tbilisi.

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Details about this spot



30 Qvlividze Street, Tbilisi

Telephone number


Opening Times

12:00 - 02:00 daily


Craft beer: GEL 8

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