Soviet Border Tbilisi

Image by Mariam chichua

Soviet Border – Historical brutalism

Sometimes people forget about the impact communism had on Tbilisi. It is like in the center are all the nice old places and the soviet parts surround it like a fence.

Living in a soviet block is like being stuck between two worlds. At first, these parts of Tbilisi seem ugly and cold – you cannot tell whether you are in an apocalyptic grey world or in a future where everything is compact and easy. When you get used to brutalism it becomes a part of you, like communism, which not only changed Georgia but many more countries.

Well, it’s a part of this beautiful city and I can say that this part is more unique and interesting. It has the history that changed the people and everything around them, it is the motivation that gives young people the strength to change our little country in the best possible way and to never go back to grey blocks…

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