Tea Studio Tbilisi

Image by Mariam

Tea Studio – Bubble tea corner

I don’t drink coffee.

It can be appalling news to those who worship this rocket fuel, but this coin has two sides, and so does life.

We can endlessly argue what is better or who is stronger – dog or cat, Coke or Pepsi, well done or rare, text messages or calls, Superman or Batman… And while my answer is BOTH in most cases, I will choose tea over coffee without even thinking.

I love tea so much that I have a huge collection of it from all around the world.

I love it hot and cold, with or without milk, plain or fancy. I brew tea in different ways and make my own herbal mixes too. BUT. No matter how expensive tapioca powder I buy or how hard I try to make Boba tea at home, it’s never as good as some in Tea Studio. And frankly, it’s much more convenient.

Tea Studio’s extremely labour-saving location makes it harder to keep yourself from leaping in and getting some cold matcha with milk to cool you down in hot summer day or hot Pink Elixir to boost you in the winter.

Did I mention the bonus? A bubble splash of flavors in your maw!

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20 Shalva Dadiani St, Tbilisi

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Opening Times

11:00 - 21:30 daily


Bubble tea: GEL 9

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