The Chronicle of Georgia Tbilisi

Image by Mako Gochashvili

The Chronicle of Georgia – Unknown but unique

Every day when I go back home I can see a strange but nice monument on a tiny mountain. No one has much information about it. We just know that the author is a Georgian painter and the sculptor is Zurab Tsereteli. The chronicle of Georgia is a huge monument made of columns. The statues have religious meaning and also the monument has religious scenes on it.

It is divided in two parts. The top part is decorated with the historical scenes and we can recognize there Georgian kings and queens there. The bottom part, instead, has religious characters and shows us the life of Jesus. Everything is made by stone and you can’t imagine how huge it is before you reach the top.

That’s not all! What makes this monument worth seeing is the view from up there. On the one side there is a nice view over Tbilisi Sea and on the other side there is a view of the suburbs of Tbilisi and on those Soviet districts.

How to reach the place? Just go to Sarajishvili metro station and take a taxi from there. If you enjoy walking, just go ahead in the direction of the monument and after 40-50 minutes you’re done!

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The Chronicle of Georgia, Tbilisi

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