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About me
My name is Karoline, and I moved to The Hague at the end of 2022 with my husband. We moved to The Hague simply because we wanted to: an extremely privileged position and a decision we haven’t regretted for one second. I am passionate about nature, spending time outdoors, swimming in the sea (yes, even in winter) and discovering new places. I started running about two years ago and it has been life-changing. I travel a lot (sometimes for work, sometimes for leisure), and running has enabled me to see an abundance of beautiful places and animals on this planet. When I’m done with running or swimming, I usually try to grab a nice cup of coffee, having spent plenty of time in Australia, my heart beats faster for a nice flat white.

Why The Hague?
I love The Hague so very much and get a “pinch me” feeling every time I walk on the beach or swim in the sea. The Hague really does have it all: city vibes, art, history, nature, individuality, friendly people and yummy food. Within a day you can experience four seasons: from rain to streaming sunshine, from howling gales to the most blissful stillness punctuated only by the beautiful sound of seagulls. The Hague is clean, well-organised and ideally located: within less than an hour you can get to a major international airport, nearby rail connections will take you all the way to cities like London, Paris or Berlin, and a short bike ride will bring you complete isolation in nature.

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