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Alexandros from Thessaloniki

I love nature and mountains. Why Thessaloniki? I love the sense of freedom that ...

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I am always pretty excited when a hot new meze restaurant that looks promising breaks into the food scene of our demanding Thessaloniki. Despoinis Margarita was presented to the Thessalonians in 2018, surprisingly choosing a rather residential area to settle in! You can spot it just a few meters away from the busy Voulgari metro construction site, in Kathigitou Papadaki street.

From the very first moment that you set foot in Despoinis Margarita, you will be amazed by the surprisingly relaxing and atmospheric music choices. The first time there reminded me of the good old days in Utrecht and the cosy cafes that hug the big canal! The owners are familiar faces in the food scene of eastern Thessaloniki and surely they will make you feel like home.

Regarding the menu, it seemed to me very carefully selected, focusing on Mediterranean flavors and simultaneously respecting the local pattern of meze restaurants that Thessalonians adore so much and consider an institution! 

I tried kavourma accompanied with egg, fava, apaki from Crete (smoked lean pork meat), sausage and halloumi (semi-hard cheese from Cyprus). Well, honestly everything was super yummy! If you ask me which plate made my gustatory sensation to skyrocket that was the “Kritharaki (orzo) with synglino” (from Mani) which is basically pork which is first dry-salted then smoked for many hours. That was truly divine and surely pays good tribute to Mani which actually is the owner’s origin!

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Alexandros from Thessaloniki

Alexandros Tsavdaroglou photo

I love nature and mountains. Why Thessaloniki? I love the sense of freedom that ...

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Kathigitou Nikolaou Papadaki 29-31, Thessaloniki

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Tue - Sun 11:00 - 00:00


Synglino: € 5

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