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Image by Ioannis Sykomanis

Elenidis – The best trigono in town

One of the most recognized desserts of Thessaloniki is the trigono Panoramatos, and the “ambassador” of it is Elenidis, founded in 1960 by Yorgos Elenidis in Panorama, a neighbourhood outside Thessaloniki.

But let me explain: trigono, which means “triangle” in English, invented in Panorama, is a dessert which consists of buttered sheets of fyllo are folded into triangles. Then it is baked until it gets golden, then it is cooled and after a hole is opened through the middle, it is dunked in syrup. The final step is to add into the hole their home-made pastry cream -a family secret- just before you order them.

Thank God we don’t have to drive all the way to Panorama for this delicacy, because Elenidis opened a store downtown at Gounari street, and you can grab a bite while you are heading to walk by the sea!

Depending on your appetite, you can find either a big trigono, or you can order small trigono; personally I always enjoy the little ones more! The estimated price for a big trigono is around 2.50 and for a small one around 1.60 euros.

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Details about this spot



Dimitriou Gounari 13, Thessaloniki

Telephone number


Opening Times

09:00 - 23:00 daily


2 small trigono: € 3.20


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