Kivernio (Palataki) Thessaloniki

Image by Alexandros Tsavdaroglou

Kivernio (Palataki) – The finest view

There is a place, known among the locals as Palataki, that has probably the finest view in the city. Palataki is located at the cape of Karabournaki in Kalamaria and actually means the “small palace”. Palataki was initially built as the residence of the Minister of Northern Greece. Later on it became the former royal family’s residence in Thessaloniki, although they almost never used it.

Palataki is a fine example of neoclassical architecture, designed in the 1950s by I. Christopoulos. The current condition of the building and the estate is actually not good and it’s kind of abandoned. The reason is probably the high cost that is required for its maintenance.

Actually Palataki, besides on the occasion of an event, is not open for the public but you can approach it quite a bit through a park near the entrance and through the woods bordering with the southern part of the estate. The woods are a very popular spot because of its fine view and its close proximity with the estate. It is said that you can observe a big part of the city from that location. When the weather is good you will see lots of young people laying on the grass, couples gazing out to sea, older people enjoying their walk and kids playing. 

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Themistokli Sofouli, Thessaloniki

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24 hours daily


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