Mikrou Mikous Thessaloniki

Image by Martina Papaioannou

Mikrou Mikous – The neighborhood bar

Mikrou Mikous means “of small length” and as I recently found out, it refers to the short films viewings taking place when the cafe was starting out. The small size makes it personal and easy for the groups of friends to mix, so meeting new people or having a crazy conversation with someone you’ve never met before is easily going to happen here.

The neighborhood is called Rotonda and being right next to the campus, it’s packed with students, as is Mikrou Mikous and finding it totally crowded on a weeknight is usual. I’m lucky enough to live 3 minutes away so this makes it my favorite solution for a quick beer, while let’s face it a “quick beer” usually ends up as “5 beers, 2 drinks and 2 shots”.

Dropping in for a coffee in between classes is also a good idea, as long as I remember to get up at some point and head back to class.

When the weather gets warmer there are also tables outside on the pavement, which they fill with decorative little lights and while on a completely mundane street, it just turns into the cutest place ever.

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Details about this spot



Arrianou 13, Thessaloniki

Opening Times

11:00 - 02:00 daily


Beer: € 3

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