Paulou Mela Thessaloniki

Image by Valia Lavdogianni

Paulou Mela – Former military camp

Paulou Mela, the former military camp, is a place of freedom, a little away from the city center. In this former military camp, there is a big number of warehouses, and old buildings, made for the soldiers. Nowadays, people of all ages, go there with their pets, or in order to play a game like football, or anything else. 

It is a free place, where also you can find a variety of graffiti. You can even go there for a picnic or with a coffee on the go.

In addition to all these, every year, various events take place here. Like music concerts for solidarity to refugees. Many of the social movements of Thessaloniki also use this place for various events.

I think that it’s a good spot, for those who like nature, and who want to play a game outside, or play music with their friends. 

It is also the perfect place for pet owners, who want their pets to run in nature.

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Details about this spot



Lagada 189, Thessaloniki

Opening Times

24 hours daily


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