Sarothron Thessaloniki

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Sarothron – Coffee bar

Sarothron is a place at Ladadika in Thessaloniki, near the city center. In Ladadika, you can find a variety of different places, for a coffee or a drink. We usually go there after many drinks, or beers, in order to get totally drunk. Also, it is a very good place to drink your beer or your drink, while listening to Greek music. 

Also, I like this place, as it stays open late at night. The decoration is unique, with a second floor via the interior stairs. They have many posters of various artists, Greek especially, and the bar is perfect. I usually like having my drink at the bar rather than at a table, and this bar is perfect for that reason. 

When the times passes, late at night things get a little bit more wild, with Greek folk music on the decks.

It is a place for good drinkers, for people who stay awake all the night.

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Details about this spot



Katsouni 17, Thessaloniki

Telephone number


Opening Times

09:00 - 07:00 daily


Drink: € 7

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