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Panevino – Exquisite Italian restaurant

Once plunged in dark solitude and isolation, Albania started changing right after the fall of the Berlin wall. Since then, it has proved to be a country and a community that embraces the concept of new and that gets influenced by the cultures all around. One interesting relationship that I find stunning is the one between Albania and Italy. Most Albanians speak Italian, there is Italian cable TV in every Albanian home, Italian investments throughout the territory and most importantly, Italian restaurants.

One of them is Panevino (literally Breadwine). Two things are required to be happy in an Italian table: bread and wine, so the name suits the atmosphere perfectly. As the influence of Italian cuisine is enveloping Tirana gradually, Panevino has the reputation of being the most elegant restaurant in town and I fully agree. I can easily classify it as a fine dining restaurant, the Italian way, which means freshly homemade pasta and sorbets.

When I go to Panevino, I make sure that I order at least one pasta dish. The portions may look small, but the truth is that good pasta fills you up real quick. Moreover, the house has a variety of wines and I make sure to ask the waiter which ones suit my meal the best. By the way, the waiters are all super nice and welcoming!

The Italian adventure in Tirana does not end here. There are many other spots I will talk about. Italy is just around the corner for us!

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Rruga 28 Nëntori, Tirana

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07:00 - 00:00 daily


Pasta: Lek 480


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