Speaking Roses Albania Tirana

Image by Adela Hoxhallari

Speaking Roses Albania – Bringing roses to life

“Speaking Roses” is a different kind of flower store in Tirana! Why different? Have you imagined writing a wish for your loved ones on a flower’s petal? This is the idea behind Speaking Roses. They created an exceptional way to convey unforgettable messages by making them appear inscribed on the petal of the rose or other flowers!

They own this flower printer to screen personalized messages, wishes on fresh flowers! I loved the concept when I first heard about it and I decided to try this for my friend’s birthday! I was a little surprised when I heard the price! It cost me about 8.50€ for just one rose with a message printed on it: “Happy Birthday Name!” It came out very beautiful but too overpriced!

They said that for standard messages that are used before by the printer the price was lower. So if you like the idea and want to try it for your loved ones, just print a wish that has already been used by the printer! 

Besides that, my friend liked the rose with her name on it so it was worth it!

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Rruga Qemal Guranjaku, Tirana

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07:00 - 21:00 daily


Speaking Rose: Lek 1000


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