VR Games Lounge Tirana

Image by Adela Hoxhallari

VR Games Lounge – Adventures you never imagined

“VR Games Lounge” is the first place opened in Tirana and Albania too, where you can play Virtual Reality games. It is not such a big place but there is a cafe on the first floor and on the second floor are the rooms dedicated to VR Games experience! The VR rooms are equipped with HTC Vive headsets and the VR games’ library is perfectly suited for all ages above 12.

So, I will explain shortly how it works: you can play with your friend the same game at the same time multiplayer, or you can play different games. VR Games Lounge offers a wide range of games from dancing games to those with zombies, which I did not attempt to try! 🙂 The multiplayer option costs 500 lek/person for half an hour and 750 lek for an hour. Meanwhile, when you choose to play by yourself, it costs 300 lek/half an hour and 500 lek for an hour. There are so-called “experience” games that last like 3-4 minutes. You can book online at their website where you can also see the prices.

The prices are a little high I think, but the experience is totally worth it and fun! I suggest you go as a group of 4 or more because it will be a lot more fun to watch each other play so you can make some videos and laugh with them later. 🙂 It is the perfect place to play, drink and have fun with your friends!

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Details about this spot



Rruga Lidhja e Prizrenit, Tirana

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Opening Times

07:00 - 23:00 daily


One hour: Lek 500


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