Campus Luigi Einaudi Turin

Image by Tatiana Bazzi

Campus Luigi Einaudi – Quiet & fun + table tennis

Opened in September 2012, CLE — short for Campus Luigi Einaudi — is part of the University of Turin. It hosts the second biggest library of the city, named after philosopher Norberto Bobbio, and three major departments: Cultures, Politics & Society, Economics & Statistics, and Law.

The Campus was built on the brown-fields of a former industrial area belonging to Italgas – the national gas company, along the waterfront of Dora River.

The project was signed by starchitect Norman Foster and consists of 7 building developed around a circular courtyard. The buildings are joined together by a white, unique second roof that runs above the whole Campus. This roof has become a landmark that you can spot very easily whenever you look over the city from the hills or from a high building.

Since the CLE opened, the surrounding area has experienced huge renovation too. The neighborhood looks alive and just nearby, especially on the other side of the river, there are a lot of new options to eat and drink.

CLE is a spot where I like to go when I get out of work, mostly because of three reasons: getting here by walking/biking along the riversides is extremely pleasant; the courtyard is both quiet and full of life, thanks to the students coming and going all the time; if you love table tennis (as I do, FYI) there is a common free-to-use table with people playing all day long — why not join in for a game and release some stress?

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Lungo Dora Siena 100, Turin

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Mon - Fri 07:30 - 20:00, Sat 07:30 - 14:00
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