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I'm an HR Consultant. Turin is a magic city -- I would not live anywhere else...

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After the Italian unification (1861), Turin was the first capital of Italy, and while the country was a Monarchy, the king was residing in Turin. One of the MUST SEE place in the city centre, is for sure the “Cavallerizza Reale”, a wonderful building which was part of the King’s possessions. In 1997, it was declared UNESCO World Heritage Site (WHS), because it’s a masterpiece of baroque architecture.

In the past, the Cavellerizza Reale was dedicated to the equestrian training of the King’s soldiers, and some years ago the city administration decided to sell it to a private person. Some citizens decided to occupy this place, without the authorization of the city, because they considered privatization of a building of this beauty and history unfair.

Right now, the building is always open and anyone can go and admire it. There are several citizens and associations taking care of this place and making it “live” for everyone, giving space to anyone that wants to organize workshops and activities for the citizenship; the project is called “Cavallerizza Irreale”. Today, the Cavallerizza is a symbol of the fight for free access to culture; you can find more info here.

If you check their Facebook page, you’ll see all the activities planned every week; you’ll find reiki, afro dance, music workshops, and many others.

In the evening (especially in the weekend) there are concerts and gigs.

I really suggest you take a look!

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Laura from Turin

Laura Quassolo photo

I'm an HR Consultant. Turin is a magic city -- I would not live anywhere else...

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