Butchers Bergamo Venice

Image by Stacy Gibboni

Butchers Bergamo – Carnivores welcome!

Venice has a fishing village mentality. Carnivores however, are abundant and welcome in the lagoon.

Buying groceries in a foreign land, particularly in a specialty shop surrounded by locals can be an intimidating thought. To actually do it, is a true travel experience I challenge you to have.

Ordering choice cuts of meat in one’s native tongue can be overwhelming for the average individual. No worries, pointing and gesturing are perfectly acceptable ways to communicate in this country.

At Bergamo’s butcher shop, called a macelleria in Italian, you will be greeted by two tall, gentle and jolly cousins, Carlo and Paolo. A bit of Venetian dialect could come in handy here, but Italian works well too. Don’t be shy, the gentlemen are nice.

Following local tradition the shop is open mornings. You will often find them open later on Friday and Saturdays to accommodate the many casalinga, housewives, with weekend shopping.

These Venetian butchers offer the very best variety of meat in Cannaregio. In addition they have slow roasted chickens, deli meats and farm fresh eggs. They also offer a small selection of regional wines and canned goods.

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Cannaregio 1837, Venice

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Mon -Sat 08:30 - 13:30
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