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Why Venice? The mystery, history & gritty elegance of this decaying, floating wo...

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Vino sfuso, literally wine from the cask or demijohn, is a delicious staple of the Italian diet. Daily, families take their empty bottles down to the local cantina for a refill of their preferred grape.

Throughout history wine and beer were consumed by all, as often it was safer than drinking water. Your enemies could easily poison the water supply don’t you know! Drink vino (wine) instead!

Table wine usually hover around the eleven percent alcohol level making it light enough for lunch! In Venice each neighborhood has at least one cantina to choose from. These are genuine local businesses that do not cater to tourists. So, be prepared to practice your Italian and pay in cash.

In each region of the country you will find this type of shop usually conveniently located near the butcher or baker. Regionalism is a predominant cultural element of the Italian lifestyle. So, in Tuscany drink chianti and in Venice drink Prosecco! My wine guy, Carlo, greets me gratefully when I donate a surplus of plastic water bottles to the shop. You don’t have to bring your own bottle to refill but it is appreciated. Glass or plastic are equally acceptable.

Love the quote hanging above the demijohns here which less poetically translates into English as; “there is no moonlight without the sunshine and there is no wine without the coin!”

Vinaria Nave de Oro also offers a small selection of DOC and DOCG certified wines for purchase and on occasion local salami too!


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Stacy from Venice

Stacy Gibboni photo

Why Venice? The mystery, history & gritty elegance of this decaying, floating wo...

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Cannaregio 1370 VE, Venice

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Mon - Sat 09:00 - 12:30 & 16:30 - 19:30


75 ml: € 2.50
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