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About me
I was born and raised in Austria, yet not in Vienna. I moved to Vienna for schooling and even though I love the nature and quietness of the countryside where I come from, since I left I haven’t thought about moving the center of my life back there.

By now I’ve had a few homes and still call most of them such, this way it’s normal for me to say “I’m at home but soon I’ll go home”. I like the fact that no matter if I’m on a back or forth trip, I’m always coming home

Why Vienna?
As much as I miss being abroad, when I’m traveling I also miss the commodities of my city and the healthy lifestyle one can easily have in Vienna.

In the past I’ve been a resident of two Asian cities, each for a year, and what I missed the most when it came to home was delicious tap water, clean air and more various cultural, music and sport events than you can dream of.

Sometimes I hear people complain, Vienna’s not New York and nothing ever changes and too little is going on. OBJECTION!

Especially after being away, I recognized how much this city actually is changing. I have very varied interests and am curious about new stuff all the time, and I never get bored here. Much like: I constantly wish my days would have more hours so I would be able to see and do everything I always pick up that is going on here.

Vienna is not only a wonderful city to live in but also a great place for visitors – who in fact often become residents later on!

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