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Tina Haselbacher (1990)

About me
Born and raised in Vienna, I finished my degree in architecture in 2017 and have been working in my family’s hospitality business since 2012.
Currently, I am studying social and human ecology and mediation in order to combine all fields of expertise in the future. I am passionate about painting, especially planets, and try to work on those skills whenever I have spare time. Experiencing new cities and cultures is also far up on my agenda. I usually do this by walking, as I believe it’s the best way to grasp the true vibes of places. Furthermore, I love writing, reading and spending time in the dazzling Austrian mountains.

Why Vienna
Vienna is fabulous! I love the big things and adore the small things. I find myself interested in tiny niches, little random squares on houses or recurring circles on pavements, and I appreciate creating stories around ponds, not always because of the ponds themselves, but because of the life surrounding them. For me, Vienna is a lot more than just a sequence of old, beautiful buildings from former centuries. It’s an urban venue, open for each and everyone to contribute.

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