Leopoldsgasse 39 Vienna

Image by Tina Haselbacher

Leopoldsgasse 39 – The ugliest building in town

Vienna is a beautiful city, right? I am pretty sure that in some way or another we can agree on that. There is the historical city centre packed with imperial buildings from former centuries, the Hofburg, the Rathaus, the Opera, you name it. But have you ever thought of the whereabouts of the ugliest building in town? Of course, we can now start a long discussion about what’s beautiful and what’s ugly and what’s even more beautiful and even uglier. But if you want to see a fair share of Vienna’s shadiness, you’ll definitely want to hit Leopoldsgasse 39. 

The building is not quite like any other building you might have seen on your strolls. It’s ugly! It is painted in all colors and, to say the least, it’s just a bit too much of everything. But go there and see for yourself! I personally love breaking with stereotypes and therefore truly believe that ugly buildings should be on everybody’s bucket list when visiting a city. It’s beautiful to see the beauty, but it’s also beautiful to see the ugly. Each and every building makes our city a city.

If you are into ugly buildings (yes, it’s not the only one!), I highly recommend hitting up space and place. This is a platform founded by five experts, that are dealing with the urban space. They offer various activities (e.g.: urban walks like the Vienna ugly tour, where I first got to know this building).

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