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CaffèCouture – Beans of quality

CaffèCouture is a charming 3rd wave coffee showroom deep in the heart of the main university grounds close to Schottentor station. Every time I have visited, the place has been teeming with students. There is good reason for that: It serves coffee of a genuinely show-stopping standard, and the unique selling point is that you pay what you feel it was worth.

Having said that, rarely have I walked into a pay-as-you-wish place, especially if the quality of food or drink on offer is outstanding, and paid less than the going rate. In fact, I often pay that and a bit more (I decided my Wiener melange merited € 3.50 the last time I went, which would be rather generous in even the most expensive cafes). Everything else, including tea and cake, has a set price.

This place is easy to miss because it is tiny but that adds to its charm and, perversely, the exclusivity of the place. Coffee beans and roast blends can also be bought here. I’m sure it is undoubtedly of the highest quality, or at least the prohibitively exorbitant pricing might suggest so.

It is tastefully decorated in white, with wooden palettes akin to those in storage warehouses. These have been whitewashed and glazed to make standing areas for the customers. The decor is minimalist, as is the music. On certain days there are even coffee tasting events. It is a cafe worth visiting if you have time to kill in the area.

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Garnisongasse 18, Vienna

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Mon - Fri 08:30 - 17:00


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