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Šarūnas from Vilnius

My name is from an old Lithuanian word which means quick. Vilnius is rather smal...

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I must admit, I generally like simple things done well and without too much fuss, but on rare occasions, I do like indulging myself with a fancy dinner. The main rule is to keep good company with you, which makes it a bit less pretentious and always more amusing.

Being a rather rare fish in these waters, I always find myself maxing out in my research to land in the perfect spot. It gets frustrating, because of the overwhelming competition between wannabees and the real deal within the fine-dining scene. But for the past year, all the signs were leading me to this restaurant – Džiaugsmas. I can simply say I was looking for Joy… Since that is the actual translation from Lithuanian.

Džiaugsmas has been named the best restaurant in the country for two consecutive years. And for good reason. I can start blabbering about the fresh ingredients, natural wine selection and the well-trained staff, but it’s a canonical description of such a restaurant. What I really wanna say is: the food there tastes just god damn perfect. It’s a place to run away from your regular burger and pasta that you eat more often than you should when going out. 

Exploit the nuanced dishes and endeavors to impress you from the professionals at Džiaugsmas. And relax — the bill will still be more than you might think is worth paying. You’re buying memories here, not just food. Have a laugh, sip some wine and bon appétit!

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Šarūnas from Vilnius

Šarūnas Andriušaitis photo

My name is from an old Lithuanian word which means quick. Vilnius is rather smal...

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Vilniaus gatvė 28, Vilnius

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Opening Times

Mon - Sat 17:00 - 23:00


9-course set : € 60


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