Nisha Vilnius

Image by Šarūnas Andriušaitis

Nisha – All hail beer

As far as I know – the whole world loves to begin the day with a strong cup of coffee and end it with a cold pint of beer. Nowadays, both coffee and beer are at the golden age of their existence. But let’s give a bit more credit to the hoppy fella this time.

Vilnius is not an exception in the undergoing worldwide craft beer revolution. A beer geek here will certainly feel like you’re swimming in the right waters. Of course, it could be that you just begun your journey into getting to know this beverage better or maybe you just like the simplicity of having a good ol’ pint – don’t sweat about it – you are at the right time and in the right city.

Hoping that you’ve already nailed the time and the city, the only thing left for you is the right place. By right I mean 18+, constantly shifting beer taps and the best adventures for your taste buds. Yep, this is Nisha. The place I’m hardly able to avoid any week of the year. And trust me, people, I am trying.

How can you resist a place which gives you the best variety of craft beers on tap in the whole capital? When I am there I am not thinking about how fancy the interior looks or what Instagram picture I’ll be posting. We are not interested in the minor chords in the symphony of beer this time. If you crave a good beer, just go.

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Details about this spot



L. Stuokos-Gucevičiaus gatvė 9, Vilnius

Telephone number


Opening Times

Mon 16:00 - 22:00, Tue - Fri 15:00 - 23:00, Sat 14:00 - 23:00, Sun 15:00 - 22:00


Beer: € 3


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