Kufle i Kapsle Warsaw

Image by Piotr Czubaszek

Kufle i Kapsle – Craft beer spot in the centre

Kufle i Kapsle stands for Beer Mugs and Bottle caps, which clearly implies this place is all about beer. It’s my favourite craft beer pub in Warsaw. They have a regularly changing menu of twelve different beers on tap, displayed on a large board behind the counter. You’ll find both Polish beers from local breweries as well as European and international ones there. You’ll always find IPAs, ales, stouts and others.

If you’re not a beer expert, you can use the three level colour coding of beers on the board, which represents taste intensity of the beverage. If still in doubt, you can always ask one of the helpful bartenders for a suggestion.

Besides beers on tap, over 150 bottled beers from all around the world are available. There’s definitely something that will satisfy everyone’s needs. On top of that you can also order snacks, e.g. a pretzel to go with your beer.

What I especially like about this pub is that while it has a convenient central location close to one of main bar streets in Warsaw, most other bars in the area are full of only a very young loud crowd while here you’ll find a mix of people of different ages, so that everyone can feel comfortable here.

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Details about this spot



Nowogrodzka 25, Warsaw, Poland, Warsaw

Opening Times

Mon - Fri 14:00 till late night, Sat - Sun 12:00 till late night


Large beer +/-: PLN 15


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