Mysia 3 Warsaw

Image by Piotr Czubaszek

Mysia 3 – A different shopping experience

Mysia 3 is a unique department store whose name is simply its address. It’s unique because of its offer and I can recommend it to anyone who doesn’t like shopping in large and crowded shopping centres and, instead of going to one of ubiquitous chain shops, prefers to buy a more original, higher quality product and is ready to pay a bit more for that – although still far from the top-end designer shop range.

The tenant selection is quite varied and ranges from less surprising COS shop or muiji, designer furniture and home décor shops on the ground floor, to cosmetic shops, hatters and a few clothing shops selling their own products or brands that are not easily found anywhere else. There’s also a few shops selling clothes by Polish designers, e.g. Mariusz Przybylsk, and even the home décor shop sells items designed by Polish artists. There are also some unexpected additions, thanks to the seasonally-changing pop up shops which make this place ever-evolving.

After some successful, or especially failed, shopping, I like going to the winter garden-like restaurant located in the courtyard of the building, or the Leica shop which, besides selling cameras, boasts a considerably large space for photography exhibitions.

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Mysia 3, Warsaw

Opening Times

Mon - Sat 10:00 - 20:00, Sun 12:00 - 18:00


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