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Pawilony – 25 ways to have a beer

Pawilony is the area of little bars at the back of Nowy Świat street. Only a small gate divides this place from the touristy Royal Route. It’s a perfect place to go before clubbing or to have a beer with an old friend. When I meet my friends we never talk about where we should go, we automatically come here. Sometimes it’s a big surprise for us, that we ended up in Pawilony without having planned it beforehand.

Every little bar of Pawilony is cozy and has got the same structure (2 floors, bar counter on the ground floor and toilets downstairs) but every single one’s a bit different. Precedens is fairy-like, Klaps is naughty and erotic, Femme Fatale’s downstairs looks like a tropical island. Beer costs around PLN 8 everywhere, but the cheapest one was always in Oranż (it’s worth ordering a pitcher of beer). In Klaps you can buy an interesting shot called “Ruska Heroina”(“Russian Heroine”) including absinthe and kahlua.

In each pub there are little inspiring details like a wallpaper of comics in a toilet in Pewex, a big fur orange in Oranż and a lot of cat figures in Kociarnia. For me the most charming is Klaps with its erotic gadgets: vibrators as door-handles and an entire wall decorated with casts of boobs used as lamps.

In Pawilony there is also one Chinese bar, 4 shisha bars, one general shop and a lamp shop (why not?)

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Details about this spot



Nowy Świat 22/28, Warsaw

Opening Times

15:00 - open end daily


Beer: PLN 8


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