Południk Zero Warsaw

Image by Nitzan Reisner

Południk Zero – Travellers welcome

Avid travellers themselves, Asia and Wojtek wanted to share their experiences from around the world with others and wanted to learn about other travellers voyages. They started out with meetings at Tarabuk cafe once in a while – people would flock to see slideshows of photos and listen to stories from treks from Australia to Zimbabwe. Once in a while was not enough. They decided to open their own place, for people like themselves: Południk Zero

They found a nice place in the very center of Warsaw, right of the main street Marszalkowska. Południk Zero (Prime Meridian!) is dark, lit with yellow, warm lights, everything is made out of wood, so you feel like you’re out exploring, while sitting with a tea or beer in your hand. Two large rooms and a small bar and kitchen in the middle. Photos from all over the world adorn the walls, mementos from travels far and wide are all over and a wall full of guide books and albums is a sight to see. And look through.

They still organize slide shows, meetings of all sorts and have guests come to speak from all over! Południk Zero is truly a place for people with a passion – for true explorers. North, South, East, West – here we go!

Watch out!: It’s kind of hard to find – you have to walk into a courtyard and duck into a not-so-obvious door on the right!

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ul. Wilcza 25, Warsaw

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Opening Times

14:00 - 00:00 daily


Guarana drink: PLN 8


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