Pragian Courtyard Orchestra Warsaw

Image by Ola Synowiec

Pragian Courtyard Orchestra – Music in brass

Courtyard orchestras were very popular in Warsaw up to recent times. They used to go from courtyard to courtyard and play Warsaw songs. In return for music, people used to throw money from their windows. The brass sculpture in Praga commemorates this tradition and Warsaw folk music.

The monument shows 5 musicians of a Warsaw band, playing on banjo, violin, accordion, guitar and drum, which are typical instruments for this kind of music. The orchestra should “play” one of 100 Warsaw songs when you send a paid sms, but last time this thing didn’t work.

Anyway, you can look at them, move in time and listen to some typical Warsaw songs on Youtube:
1) “Chodź na Pragie” (anthem of Praga district)
2) “Nie ma cwaniaka nad warszawiaka” (anthem of Warsaw street)
3) “Hanko” (love story tango about love of a criminal and a prostitute)

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