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Katya Barannik

About me
I am fortunate to have grown up in a family that values the importance of travel which instilled within me a sense of wanderlust. Traveling opens my mind and my eyes, constantly offering new perspectives on life. My favorite way to explore a city, foreign or familiar, is by walking wherever the wind takes me (which more often than not ends up at a farmers market, flea market or art gallery).

Why Washington D.C.
Yes, Washington D.C. often lives up to the stereotype of being a political swamp, but once you get beyond the suits and ties up on the Hill, there is a wonderful world to be discovered. As you make your way through D.C., you’ll find: a 1,754 acre park that offers an escape into nature, a winding river dotted with kayakers and a waterfront lined with revelers, and endless monuments and museums that document the history of this nation. So, be sure to bring your walking shoes — there is plenty to explore.

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