Hrazdan Gorge Yerevan

Image by Sofia Manukyan

Hrazdan Gorge – Walking along the river

This article will probably be useful for a foreigner staying longer in Yerevan than a week or two, although many locals haven’t yet fully explored this place yet, either. Once you gets to see all the touristic spots and get tired of traditional sightseeing, you can go down the gorge and enjoy the walk along Hrazdan river.

The road is pleasant, although cars do pass by now and then. So it is advisable not to walk in the middle of the road if you want to enjoy the views peacefully.

I like walking here to gather my thoughts. But sadly, when I walk here, I not only admire the beauty, but also encounter the callous attitude of some Yerevantsis towards the environment, like napkins or papers flying here and there. There were even bears kept in a cage to entertain the visitors in a cafe here. But luckily, they have been released and there are now less factors that may annoy a nature lover walking here. This walk in fact gives more pleasant vibes, rather than irritations. It’s a good idea to come here by daylight.

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Hrazdan gorge, Yerevan

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24 hours daily


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