Mirzoyan Library Yerevan

Image by Sofia Manukyan

Mirzoyan Library – More than a library

This place is worth visiting firstly because it’s one of the few remaining locations in Yerevan which will inform the visitor on what the old neighborhoods in Yerevan looked like. Several families would live in one such building and, thanks to a single common yard, these types of houses would create a community among neighbors.

Another reason to visit this place is that it is a library and an exhibition space for photographic art. One can not only admire the great collection of books on photographic art, but also bring their laptop and work here or just sit with friends and enjoy some meals from the cafe operating next door.  

I love coming here with my camera as there are lots of details here that I can capture; balconies, ornaments on wood, chairs and tables, mirrors, interior and exterior.

I also come here for the events organized here, such as the launch of an exhibition or some public talk. But these events usually happen in the evenings, after the working day, so the chances are that in the afternoons one can enjoy this place in silence (with some good music playing in the background).

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Details about this spot



Mher Mkrtchyan 10 str., Yerevan

Opening Times

Library Tue - Sun 12:00 - 20:00 | Cafe 12:00 - 00:00 daily

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