Singing Sculpture Yerevan

Image by Siranush Ohanyan

Singing Sculpture – Yerevan is speaking

This statue is dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Armenia’s public television and the 90th one of its public radio.

Public Armenian television can hardly be interesting for tourists, but I guess the word “Armenia” and “radio” can evoke nice memories of Radio Yerevan. Years ago, when I was guiding a group of Norwegian tourists, they asked me if Radio Yerevan still existed, and then, to my great surprise, another group from Finland asked about it with enthusiasm. I felt really happy. The thought that Armenia is not only famous as the first Christian country in the world relieved me. Then I learned that Radio Yerevan jokes were very popular in Western Europe and Germany.

I guess this statue has nothing to do with these jokes. It represents a family with a (functioning) live radio, and a TV. With all the admiration I have for this sculpture, even though I think it is idealized, it would fit well in our ideal world. Currently, it is difficult to imagine the kind of radio or TV that would convey such tender feelings as what  we can observe on our sculpted heroes’ faces. Well, it’s true they don’t have a realistic face, yet from their intimate gestures and head pose, one can tell that the radio they are holding in their hands and the TV they have in their chest are fostering their feelings. I can even see butterflies on this TV screen!

P.S. Find Radio Yerevan jokes here.

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5 Alex Manoogian Street, Yerevan

Opening Times

24 hours daily


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