The Ancient Survivor Yerevan

Image by Vahagn Vardumyan

The Ancient Survivor – Stone fauna of Armenia

Long, long ago, when Mt Gutanasar in the north of Armenia erupted, the lava flow accidentally started to chase after a leopard. However, she managed to escape by running long distances. When she reached Yerevan, she saw a gorge and decided to jump off there. The lava was about to catch her. The leopard crossed itself and jumped into the gorge. God had mercy on her and made the lava crystallize. Unfortunately, God was busy creating the Universe at that time and was not paying so much attention. So a drop of lava fell on the poor animal and she became petrified in an instant.

You can still see her stone statue in Hrazdan river gorge. It’s guarding the entrance or exit of the tunnel that guides people from the city center to the gorge. By the way, I forgot to mention the same god decided to create a passageway so that our leopard could escape from lava, but it (to avoid gender discrimination I use “it”) didn’t manage to make it at the right moment.

Well, since I knew nothing about this beautiful statue I had to invent this story. If you like to evolve the story visit this spot in Hrazdan river gorge. Even if you are not good in inventing the stories, you can still come here; the stone may speak to you.

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Details about this spot



Hrazdan Gorge, Yerevan

Opening Times

24 hours daily


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