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Ajuni Burk (1980)

About me
Zurich became my home town in 2000, and apart from a few years spent abroad, I have lived there ever since. When I moved to Zurich I was a student, now I work full-time doing communications for an engineering company, and as a result I experience the city in a very different way from ten years ago.

I’m into music, literature and photography and love to spend time with friends in Zurich’s many cafés and bars. Perhaps most of all I love going to gigs, and I’m happy to say that Zurich has come a long way when it comes to live music. See you down the front!

Why Zurich?
Zurich has an incredible lot to offer in terms of culture and entertainment, especially given its size. The city can come across as cold, calculating and too concerned with itself to first-time visitors, but look beyond the too-shiny, too well-polished surface and you’ll find an edgy, cosmopolitan place brimming with life and joie de vivre.

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