Marilena Salamanou (1982)

About me
I was born and raised in the area of Piraeus, the port next to Athens. It’s one of the main reasons why I am in love with the sea and the industrial industry.

Since I finished my studies of “Business Administration” (still do not know why I studied something that I dislike!) , I’ve started working as a travel agent. For the first 7 years I was working at my family’s agency called “Salina Travel” and since May I run my own agency called “Niceland Travel”.

As you can tell by its name, I am obsessed with Iceland. Its music, its landscape, the people and I left a piece of my heart there the first time I visited the place.

I am obsessed with any kind of eclectic music, photography, swimming in the sea and spaghetti. I love Anthony Bourdain, a band called Mum and a radio based in Seattle called Kexp.

Why Athens?!

  • For its 24hr life
  • For its nightlife. A European capital where everyone can stay awake until dawn dancing at its small bars
  • For its sea and the magnificent coastline. For the walks next to the waves
  • For its neighborhoods that still remain beautiful, cozy with orange trees and small houses with gardens
  • For its port and the industrial zone
  • For all these parties, exhibitions and street life that happen every single day
  • For its hills – Lycabettus and Filopappou and the Sunday wanderings around there

Where else you can find me ?
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