Lacandona Athens

Image by Marilena Salamanou

Lacandona – A delicious alternative spot

Lacandona is a cafe-grocery store located in the center of Athens, only 5 minutes on foot from Syntagma Sq. Its main characteristic is that all the products are based on the fair trade market. This means that the products are bought directly from the producers, making for better trading conditions and promoting sustainability.

There you can start your day with your morning coffee from Ethiopia or a cold lemonade with ginger and end your day with a tasty cold beer from Greek microbreweries – our favorite one is Midnight Circus! And the last days the girls of Lacandona added at its list stronger alcohol drinks like whiskey and rum! So now that… winter is coming, you can have your drink in its cozy environment.

In between, you can buy traditional products from Greece but also products from Latin America, Asia and Africa. Biscuits from Kythira island, tea and herbs, Nutella from Mexico (this is my favorite one) but also handmade soaps, crafts and beautiful ceramics from Mytilene island. You can find fresh bread made from bakery “Psiloreitis”. And if you like tote bags you can buy the ones from the squad of refugees Notara 26 and in that way you can support them!

Ps. If you are vegan, you can have your coffee or tea with soy or almond milk!

Ps2. If you want to take a look at how Lacandona looks like you can watch our Easy Greek video here:


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Details about this spot



Ipitou 4 , Athens

Opening Times

Mon - Fri 11:00 - 21:00, Sat 11:00 - 17:00


Beer: € 3

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