Amsteltuin Amsterdam

Image by Kristel van der Burgh

Amsteltuin – Picnic on a Dutch vineyard

Not being able to go on holiday – whether that’s because of a global pandemic or other reasons – makes you want to explore your own city more. That’s exactly what I did recently. I stepped out of the city center bubble and found a place that makes holidays unnecessary, or at least it gives you the much-needed break from city life. Vineyard De Amsteltuin in Amstelveen (just outside of Amsterdam’s borders) will do just that.

You’re probably asking: “What, a Dutch vineyard?!” I know, but it’s true. It might not be as impressive as a French or South-African vineyard, but it is crazy cute. When you arrive at the vineyard, the (extremely nice) owners welcome you with a smile and you have the option of getting a fully stocked picnic basket with – of course – a homemade wine of your choice. Please note that making a reservation is much appreciated since they’re a small business with limited stock. Once you’ve scored a basket full of good stuff like Old Amsterdam cheese, olives, crostini with camembert, dried sausage, and a cool bottle of wine (I recommend the sparkling rosé on a sunny day), you’re off to find a spot in the vineyard. They’ve created these lovely little corners between the vines, underneath an overhanging tree or overlooking the meadows. It’s truly like a little mini-break surrounded by nature and delicious snacks and wine. What more could a person ask for? A big “recommend” for this new summertime fav!

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Details about this spot



Langs de Akker 5, Amsterdam

Telephone number


Opening Times

Fri - Sun 14:00 - 18:00


Picnic basket: € 40


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